Jun 28, 2009

Why blame the boss asks Sidin Vadukut

Sidin Vadukut posts about why people tend to blame the boss in his column Cubiclenama; quoting a HR consultant with a secret identity ;-)

A dear friend and human resources consultant, GG, explained the phenomenon in interesting terms: “Well the simple answer is an old psychological theory: called theory of attribution. People attribute good results to themselves and bad results to external factors. Top management will therefore get blamed for everything that goes wrong—because we also like attributing blame on people rather than abstract concepts like privatization, global recession.”
And what should companies do? “One thing is to stop building up ‘great CEOs’ as brands. That makes the backlash stronger,” opined the wise GG.
So what do you do when the airline that is your company, hits a patch of bad weather that is the economic slump, and is forced to emergency land at the airport that is corporate restructuring? Do you join in the healing process? Or merely blame the management for all ills, quickly cash all expense vouchers and sell the company stock you bought in dad-in-law’s name? Send us email please.