Jul 17, 2009

Careers in today's world

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On the XLRI Sapphire blog my post has stirred a hornet's nest, apparently.

Some believe that being a generalist is better for career growth, while others believe that the specialist functions are going towards the approach of becoming a centre of excellence (in large global companies)

Abhijit Bhaduri posted an interesting theory that our career decisions are shaped by one's personality type. So I guess type A goal focused ESTJs would prefer career planning and it would suit them too :-)

As Abhijit posts:

I for one, blame my set of choices entirely to being an ENFP!! Choice of whether to take an assignment or an employer would be initially be somewhat instinctive. I then gather data – usually by talking to many people, by reading and researching (esp what blogs have to say about the organization rather than the corporate PR drivel) and finally decide to cast my vote based on overall gut feel. Gut feel and heart count for 2 of the 3 stages in my case.  I have an overall view of what I want to do with my life, career choices fit into my overall plan for life.

Dr. Madhukar Shukla gives the large picture saying that in today's world "career planning" has to give way to "career building"

it is virtually impossible to “plan” one’s career, when the very meaning of “career” is undergoing a change. At one time, “career” meant how up-the-ladder one has moved in the same organisation; it changed to a concept of “career” across different organisations – sometimes even across sectors. But in recent years, with entirely new opportunities (due to changes in business environment and emerging technologies), we have jobs/careers which didn’t even exist 5-10-15 years back. I mean, till early-mid 90’s, there was no job-profiles like a Forex Manager, Web-Designer, Derivative Analyst, Onboarding HR Expert, etc. etc.!!!
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