Sep 13, 2009

Congrats to Joel Cheesman

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I've made quite a few connections over the years of blogging, and one of them has been the always innovative Joel Cheesman who blogs at Cheezhead.

Joel was one of the first people who blogged on HR Search Engine Optimization and almost single handedly changed the tech awareness of HR bloggers.

On a personal level, he included me as a member of the Cheezhead ad network - enabling me to earn a few dollars :-)

Now he's announced Job Search website Jobing is acquiring his blog and he's joining them as a SVP.

Here's what he says:

This post serves as official news that Cheesman Group and its properties, including Cheezhead, have been acquired by I’ll be joining their amazing team as Senior Vice President in Phoenix.
For loyal readers, questions will likely abound and hopefully be answered in due time via follow-up posts and commentary. However, rest assured, the timing, the organization (especially its people) and the opportunity were ideal, both from a personal and professional level. As Jobing’s newest employee, I will assume duties that take me everywhere from blogging to community building to search engine optimization to interactive marketing to, well, you’ll just have to stay tuned, I guess. But it should be lots of fun.

Here's wishing a truly innovative guy lots of success!

Congrats Joel!

Recruiting industry analyst John Sumser summarises the deal here

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