Apr 23, 2010

Skills for the Organization 2.0 change agent

What do you need to make your business "social"?

Caroline Dangsen puts down some characteristics she thinks the social media evangelist needs to shepherd the organization to become social:

  • Passion for the business
  • Appreciation for the organization’s cultural heritage
  • Limitless determination and stamina
  • Ability to influence
  • Skills to maneuver the political landscape

These five characteristics are in addition to excellent interpersonal skills and a passion for social media.

Looking at these - it is worth noting that these are similar to Change Management skills - and I think Enterprise 2.0 and social media evangelists should look at the already considerable literature on driving organizational change - and take some pages out for it - and focus less on the tools and more on the cultural aspects. Caroline's post is worth reading in this light :-)
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