Jun 22, 2010

Infosys enters the Enterprise 2.0 space with iEngage

This is big news. Indian IT services giant Infosys has launched iEngage, a way for its clients to engage with the digital consumer using social media.

What is much more interesting for the readers of this blog is that this engagement has a enterprise 2.0 component - within the organization - with Employee Engagement being a service being offered.

As it says:

Social media unleashes possibilities to collaborate and enhance your company's pool of knowledge, facilitate ideation and problem-solving among employees, and engage with external stakeholders.

Infosys iEngage™ employee engagement platform helps accelerate knowledge discovery, improve workforce productivity, deepen employee engagement and foster innovation. Our platform can be leveraged for employee engagement initiatives such as employee on-boarding, knowledge networks, new product development, sales collaboration, and alumni networks.

Yep, I agree. I think larger enterprise 2.0 consultants like @Headshift @SovosGroup @AltimeterGroup should evaluate iEngage. What would differentiate it against IBM's or Cisco's Enterprise 2.0 offering should be the cost, and whether the solution can be customised in India giving it further price advantage.

Exciting time, folks :-)