Jun 21, 2010

Railway Recruitment under Scanner again

Forget Indian private sector employees going for high salaries - that news is dependent on economic cycles. However if there is one sector that is immune to such recruiting woes - and where people routine riot and cheat to get into - it has to be the public sector jobs. Check the latest railway recruitment scam unfolding in the country

The railways have deferred the recruitment examinations scheduled across India on June 27 after the CBI’s revelation yesterday of a question-leak racket involving two senior officials and their families.

Railway sources said the affected exams of June 6 and 13 too could be cancelled and fresh tests held since 780 to 1,000 candidates were suspected to have known the questions.

New dates will soon be announced for the June 27 exam, meant to recruit enquiry-and-reservation clerks and goods guards, a Railway Board official said.

Sources said the CBI had found sealed question papers of the June 27 exam at the Railway Recruitment Board office on Calcutta’s R.G. Kar Road during their countrywide raids on Thursday that busted the racket and netted eight people.

Group C and Group D jobs are roles that are apparently not very skill oriented - like this ad for the Railway asks for sportsmen to apply and there are other quotas like "cultural" quotas.

When an unskilled job comes with an almost-lifetime employment guarantee, and perks that most private sector employees never get, and no incentive to increase performance levels it's no wonder that it's a den of corruption.