Jun 25, 2010

Revisiting Connectivism and Enterprise 2.0

Most of the language around Enterprise 2.0 has the tone and tenor of software implement - totally expected as most of the evangelising is done by the tool vendors.

They talk about steps to "adoption" and getting buy-in and showing ROI. While I am not saying the approach is not right - the approach is rooted in the mechanistic way of thinking - the metaphors are drowned in "organizations as machines" as Gareth Morgan called it.

Michael at Socialtext points out the positive way of looking at Enterprise 2.0 through that lens - of a set of tools that people use to improve their way of working - improving business processes. Even before I joined 2020 Social I agreed with Gaurav's POV that "in the flow systems" help people incorporate tools better.

Changing one's way of doing things - in the flow- requires a new way of learning - which communities of practice like open source developers use - focusing on learning not a "packaged good" but a process too. George Siemens calls it Connectivism and I really think Enterprise 2.0 and the new way to learn should be seen from this lens.

Image on Flickr by dvidal.lorente

How do you set up an initiative to be self-organizing without leaving it to "chance and prayers"?