Jun 22, 2010

TLNT.com Launches

ERE Media has launched a new network focused on HR content called TLNT.com - and has got thought leader John Hollon (who was editor of Workforce mag) on board, and Lance Haun, the ERE Community Manager is also involved in it.

As Lance emailed some of us "It is aimed directly at Human Resource professionals with a newsy + opiniony feel to the whole thing" - and the byline is "The business of HR" That sounds good!

If you want to contribute HR articles/ opinions to the site, let John know at john@TLNT.com

There are some articles that I found to be topical and thought provoking - like this one which talks about China Gorman leaving SHRM and the challenges her successor will face with regards to SHRM's international programs and initiatives. Also this interesting one (for me at least) on how HR can capitalize on complexity.

So if you're a HR professional, TLNT.com is a new source of content you should add to your daily reading.
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