Jul 29, 2010

Open Source Enterprise 2.0 by Lockheed Martin

Came across this interesting news item thanks to my twitter friend @ParamShobhit

This will be an interesting development to watch - and depends on how Lockheed Martin will choose to monetise this project. Would be exciting to check what functionalities it supports - and whether it'll be launched in a freemium model

Some excerpts from the article:

Lockheed Martin Launches Open-Source Social Networking Project
Lockheed Martin has launched a new open-source project for enterprise social networking called Eureka Streams.

The Eureka Streams technology, which looks and behaves much like existing commercial social networking software, is aimed at helping what Lockheed Martin refers to as knowledge workers make informed decisions by finding relevant colleagues and groups, following their streams of activity, and engaging in conversation.

Lockheed Martin is making the technology available to developers and inviting their feedback on Eureka Streams. Developers can learn more about the technology at www.eurekastreams.org.

Eureka Streams represents a new communication experience for knowledge workers, empowering them to pick and choose the channels of news, information and conversation that add the most value to their day-to-day work, Lockheed Martin officials said.

Lockheed Martin has released Eureka Streams as an open-source project—the Eureka Streams Community Edition is licensed to developers under the Apache 2.0 open-source license. However, in the future, Lockheed Martin plans to offer editions of Eureka Streams for use by enterprise customers, the company said in its release.

According to an independent Forrester Research report titled "Harnessing Social Networking to Drive Transformation" dated November 2009, "Smart organizations are looking to tap into the full power of the enterprise and beyond to drive better and faster decisions and to foster innovation that will keep them at the forefront of the changing economy. One approach that's top of mind for business technology leaders is the use of social networks to drive communities that span traditional organizational structures."