Aug 2, 2010

Jobseekers don't want employers to check their social profiles, says study

Another interesting article on how the job hunting process is changing with the availability of social profiles on the web. The assumption is that recruiting firms and employers can access data that will be damaging to the job seeker. However, it can work the other way too. A friend who works with a bank in Asia Pacific region shared that a job seeker was shown as "unreliable" in the traditional background verification process, but based on checking the person's social profiles - they decided to hire the person!

So job seekers don't really have to be alarmed in the way this article proposes, keep privacy filters on and don't indulge in hate-mongering on the web are the two aspects I'd suggest.

Here's the article excerpt:
Job seekers wary of social media
Job seekers are aware that bosses are using social media as part of the recruitment process but don't think it's entirely appropriate, according to a new survey.

The Hays online survey of 885 people found that 38 percent of respondents believe employers use social networking profiles to help vet applications, but should not do so.

It says 35 percent not only believe employers use social networking profiles, but also believe that they should use such information to vet applications.

Just 27 per cent think employers do not use social networking profiles as part of the recruiting process.

"This survey reignites the debate about public versus private life, but this time it's not celebrities or politicians that are arguing their right to privacy, but every day job seekers," said Jason Walker, Managing Director of Hays in New Zealand.

"The majority of job seekers feel that their personal life is their personal life, and their social media profile should not be used as part of the decision making process.