Sep 2, 2010

Enterprise 2.0 news: Yammer takes on Jive, Socialtext

Leena Rao blogs on Techcrunch that Yammer 2.0 To Launch As A Powerful, Full-Fledged Social Network For The Enterprise
The new Yammer will essentially turn the microblogging application into a full fledged social network. Yammer plans to add a number of applications to its platform that will increase its functionality beyond just a communications platform. An events application will allow you to invite co-workers to company or group events and track responses. Attendees can also download the event into their calendar.

An ideas application will help employees and administrators create, find and categorize the best ideas within a company. Employees can rank ideas through voting, and ideas can be created separately or can be promoted from existing conversations on Yammer.

Yammer is also going to be upgrading content sharing by allowing users to preview information in shared links. The startup has also added a Q&A app that encourages workers to ask questions and find answers from a database, and includes a polling application. Additionally, the new version of Yammer will allow users to assign a task resulting from conversations and track its completion, and will include the ability to tag content with topics, making it easier to find conversations by subject.

Yammer's been a great success - microsharing within the enterprise having risen much faster than shared workspaces, internal blogging or wikis. So it's interesting to see how this will play out. As the article hints - it would be a great buy for an organization like Google which is seeking to both enter the social space as well as gain traction within the enterprise with Google Apps. On the other hand it would be a great buy for large traditional enterprise tech firms who want to add a social layer to focus on the Organization 2.0

Personally I think the uptake of the new features will happen gradually. Micro-sharing is faster and takes much less effort than other functionalities. What Yammer has done in its current avatar is ease acceptability of social tools within the organizations that are using it. I'd love to know how the Quora like Q&A app as well the ideas app gains traction in the organizations that use Yammer 2.0