Sep 11, 2010

Social Media Competencies Grid

My ex-colleague Gaurav Mishra has come up with a framework which he calls the social media competencies grid using which B Schools (and training groups within social media firms) can train people in social media skills.

You can see it here
Social Media Competencies Grid
As I told Gaurav, I would not call the second grid as a grid of competencies - but rather a grid of tools. Competencies (putting my HR hat on) - is a combination of Knowledge Skills and Attitudes/Attribute
So for example community basic competencies would be :Knowing features of wordpress and buddypress, being able to invite and grow membership of the community leveraging social advertising, and doing it without being considered spam
Advanced competencies would be: growing a Ning (or any web based tool) community of more than 1000 members, sparking discussions, tracking engagement metrics, like comments on forum, quality of discussions, returning members - eventually driving traffic back to brand/organization/non-profit website
Pro/expert competencies would be: use lithium, jive to develop multiple communities, manage several community managers, look at analytics and give strategic ideas on potential new communities, track impact and ROI etc
What do you think?
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