Oct 16, 2010

CEOs in Asia and Succession Planning

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A senior from XLRI, Indranil Roy gets quoted in this Economic Times article Why do corporates have a natural resistance to succession planning?
Meanwhile, as they expand their operations in Asia, MNCs are looking for a different kind of CEO. Indranil Roy, Korn/Ferry's managing director, Asia-Pacific, leadership and talent consulting, calls then the '2.0 CEOs' as opposed to the '1.0 CEOs' that went before. "MNCs say they want CEOs who are very different from the ones they have. That's because their businesses in Asia have moved from the outsourcing and cost arbitrage model to a talent and innovation model. The likelihood of finding such leaders is highest in India. But still, we estimate it's only 8% of the basic qualified talent."
While the Asia 1.0 CEO was required to replicate or customise existing strategy, the Asia 2.0 CEO will have to generate new growth in an unserved market. The old CEO worked with a culturally homogenous team, but the new CEO will have to build a diverse, international pool of talent with creative skills. "An Indian passport is no longer necessary to be a CEO in India. That was unthinkable when I was growing up," says Roy.
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