Oct 17, 2010

HR, Enterprise 2.0, The Gap

John Seely BrownImage via Wikipedia
John Seely Brown
Here are some interesting articles and blog posts I came across recently. Thought I'd share them with you:
  1. John Hagel and John Seely Brown talk about the Enterprise Value of Social Software. Take a read through it. Your business could leverage social media to get real value.
  2. Akanksha explores how organizations can leverage the enthusiasm of new joinees and what they need to watch out for.
  3. If the internet was in the 1960s how would ads for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype look? Maybe something like these?
  4. The link between employees and customers in Culture is Brand, Brand is Culture. Must read, about how Marketing and HR is linked. Something that I have come to believe more and more.
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