Oct 24, 2010

Student's query about a career in HR

If You're Not ConfusedImage by B Tal via FlickrA reader asked me this query on mail. What would you suggest?

I am {name deleed}, pursuing 3rd sem MBA (HRM) from {institute name}. I am passionate towards HR but my family and relatives suggests me to take up MARKETING as a specialization as they feel that it has a wide scope and a high career growth.

I completed my Bachelors in Business Management (HR), PGDHRM and pursuing MBA other certificate courses in HR.

I request you to suggest me as to,
1. What should i do now ?
2. What do corporates look for in a MBA HR fresher ?
3. Which area in HR has a high career growth ?
4. Where can I get my Internship in HR ?

Here's what I wrote back to him:

If you are passionate about HR you will do well, if you're not passionate about Marketing - then you won't

HR operations has the highest growth - but if you are attracted to the specialist areas like Recruitment, L&D or C&B you should try for them too

Corporates like to take fresh people who have attention to detail and willingness to work hard and learn

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