Oct 22, 2010

Indian HR leaders start their own consulting gigs

I've started to see an interesting trend. Indian HR leaders after reaching the top jobs are starting to start their own consulting businesses. The latest in the line are Bimal Rath (who was heading Nokia's HR in India) and Aquil Busrai (who was HR Director at IBM) have both started their own consulting businesses.
They join the list of HR folks like Udai Upendra (ex-HR head of Ranbaxy) and V. Kartikeyan (ex-HR head of Texas Instruments) who have their own consulting businesses.
Why the trend?
Personally I think it's because HR heads after reaching the top of their organizational growth find they don't have a next career growth. Unless they move to a business role, like Google's APAC HR Head, Manoj Verghese who joined Facebook India as Director of Business Operations.

So the next challenge they seek is to set up their own ventures and use exisiting skills and build new skills too.
On the other hand - there are professionals like Ravi Virmani (who have spent their careers in consulting) are moving to industry roles.
Looks like there will be more news on this list in the future.
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