Nov 26, 2010

Cleaving HR into 3 parts

I have often wondering with the paradoxical demands on Human Resources folks why it persists in being a "single" department.

Personally sometimes I feel that Human Resources/ Human Capital/ People Dept - whatever you need to call it - should be cleaved into at least three different groups - and I don't mean the traditional groups of Recruiting, C&B, Training, HRIS and HR Business Partner.

I think HR should be divided into three different parts - being internal versions of the Marketing, Sales and Customer Support groups that are present externally.

Because if you think about it really, HR markets the firm to external candidates and internal employees, sells processes and new policies to the biz leaders and responds to employee queries

So instead of functional division of HR which is great for HR professionals but not so great for the employees - I feel that businesses should divide HR by its purpose - branding, long term or relationship building and help desk

What do you think?