Nov 27, 2010

Using Social Media

I am often stumped by people's questions like "how to use social media"

That's because I didn't have an objective when I started engaging and connecting with people. Those were the social web was a much more innocent and idealistic place

I was a blogger first and then dabbled in Facebook and Twitter. So unlike most of you my friends were people whom I met online and then sometimes met in real life

So here are some of my learnings on using social media - that I can say holds true for companies as well as individuals -

  1. Communicate with your heart - passion and interest in whatever you are interested in will carry over to people who are following you. 
  2. Connect with people who share your interests. Link to them, share their content, leave your comments
Of course, there are other important stuff like using keywords, crafting an attention grabbing heading, using tags, and pictures. But these 2 points are the most important, IMHO :-)