Dec 20, 2010

Customers and Employees in the age of Social Media

At the IndiaSocial talk I made a point that social media does not scale. Lots of people mentioned that they disagreed with me.

Maybe I wasn't clear, what I meant was that conversations don't scale - if you start a Twitter account or a Facebook page (managed by Marketing/or outsourcing it) and people flood you with questions.

Which is why instead of an "social media strategy" team - the conversations need to be between all employees and the customers.

Like the way Best Buy has done with Twelpforce (see this introduction for their employees)

I have talked about how we're seeing the employee emerge as a huge brand ambassador and advocate, indeed the new media

However, as this post by @BillIves quotes a Forrester research, employees who are empowered and use social media are more likely to recommend their company's products and services.

Sure, you will need to give up control when you empower employees to speak on behalf of your firm. And yes, some might misuse the power. 

However I believe that employees when really empowered - respond admirably. 

What it also needs to be balanced with is processes, structures and culture internally where this is reflected. 

As I said during the IndiaSocial summit - "you cannot be social outside and anti-social inside" the firewall.