Dec 17, 2010

Enterprise talk at @IndiaSocial

Was an interesting experience today at my first "Social Media" conference - where I was part of the B2B and Enterprise panel.

When Gaurav (@gauravonomics who was moderating) asked me what I thought B2B organizations should do internally - I replied that organizations that want to be social externally should not be anti-social internally. To really leverage the power of employees and scale conversations. I also shared that organizations needed to "design time" for employees' "cognitive surplus" to ensure sharing and internal connections and conversations to develop

Prem Aparanji (@prem_k) shared that social CRM looks at customers having consistent experiences across channels - and therefore internally silos need to be connected using social networking within the enterprise. He added how his firm Cognizant has a vibrant internal blogging culture, which is possible because there already was a culture in place where one could give open feedback to seniors. So the culture needs to be in place before the tool, to make it useful

Here's the presentation that Prem made about Social CRM

Amit Ranjan (@amitranjan) of Slideshare shared examples of how different parts of organizations are not in sync. He said often the Marketing folks put up slides on their site - and after some months they are sent DMCA notice by the same firm's Legal team to take down the presentations.

Sanjay Sahay (@sanjay_sahay) of Infosys shared that internally moving a large organization to "social" is going to be bumpy - and there will be disruptions which people have to be ready for.

Hari V Krishnan (@harivk) of Linkedin India shared how investing time by business leaders can build thought leadership by simple things like using Polls and Linkedin Answers informatively.

Overall it was a great conference and I thoroughly enjoyed some other sessions - specially the Mobile Social Networking session and the key note speech by Santosh Desai (@desaisantosh) of Future Brands. His insights on "brands hate people" and therefore will be painful for them to adapt to this new form of media - that was refreshing.

Here's a photo that @prem_k clicked when I was listening to Santosh Desai

The #ISS10 attendees. @GautamGhosh is seen. on Twitpic

The ended on a great note when I found that I had made it to two Influencer lists compiled

  1. The Enterprise Social Media top 25 Influencers
  2. Top 25 Online Influencers in Talent Management v2
P.S. Blog posts on the IndiaSocial summit by Gaurav Mishra and Karthik S.