Dec 30, 2010

My Top posts of 2010

2010 was a mixed year for the blog. I took a lot of sharing content kind of posts off, doing the linking on Twitter and Google Reader  as well as writing answers on Quora

Then I discovered Amplify, and am back to sharing interesting content here (along with it being on Twitter and Google Buzz)

I put out 207 posts in 2010 and got around 62,000 views.

I am particularly proud of these posts, which didn't get that much traffic :

However, the posts that got the most views were:
  1. The most powerful HR professionals in India
  2. An old post from 2006 10 reasons why Organizations are not able to retain employees
  3. A post from 2005 (!) should software engineers go for an MBA?
  4. My parting from 2020 Social
  5. 5 things social media has taught me
  6. A post from 2004(!!!) Challenges for Training and Learning - guess some things don't change :-)
  7. Sexual Harassment in India's Knowledge industries - an ugly truth we don't want to see?
  8. Cisco on People Power and Collaboration
  9. 5 Skills for Career Success
  10. The Content Community Social Media Model
And there were some mainstream media mentions also :-)

See you in 2011