Dec 29, 2010

ROI of Enterprise 2.0 at Accenture

My friend Karthik S recently shared a very interesting page on Accenture about their Social Software and how it benefit them.

In case you're an Internal Social Strategist in your firm you should use these numbers to convince your business leadership to adopt the Social Workplace

 Take a look:
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Here is an overview of our results as reported from internal employee surveys and our scorecard:
Increasing usage and adoption
  • 100,000-plus people use profile pages an average of three times a month to find experts and connect with colleagues.
  • About 100,000 Accenture employees have customized their profiles (options include pictures, bios, hobbies, etc.).
  • 4,634 updates per month made to employee profiles.
  • 10,706 blogs created annually, increasing at a rate of more than 200 percent annually.
  • 3,336 microblog posts made per month.
  • 1,579 specialized groups created to date.
  • 7,886 items added to Accenture Media Exchange.
  • 110,850 desktop audio calls made per month.
  • 764 entries posted to our internal encyclopedia.
  • 14.9 million IM sessions/conversations occur per month.
  • 139,269 desktop sharing sessions occur per month.
  • 3,900 telepresence hours used per month.
  • 15.17 million audio/video/desktop conferencing minutes per month.
Reaping cost savings
  • More than 20 million minutes of company-standard monthly VoIP audio/video usage, resulting in avoided mobile and landline long distance/international voice costs.
  • More than 5,000 annual video conferencing meetings resulting in avoided travel costs.
  • Telepresence usage has slashed travel costs and the savings are exceeding our annual targets, thus far returning more than two times our monthly operating cost.
Improving employee satisfaction
  • We have achieved our highest scores to date on employee surveys for: “I can easily find information I need to do my job” and “I can easily find people with expertise/skills I need to do my job.”
  • Our employees tell us Collaboration 2.0 plays a crucial part in the timely completion of projects for clients, while improving client satisfaction:
“I found the expert in 15 minutes versus two days.”
“Collaboration 2.0 served as the lifeline when communicating with our global teammates, and helped us establish less of an offshore versus onshore perspective and allowed for more of a fluid team feel.”
“We harnessed the power of social networking to create a virtual community of new recruits—a place where people in similar situations can support each other and access the resources they need. It’s very exciting when we can leverage technology to establish that connection.”
“I’ve been generating anywhere from $500 to $1,000 of savings per week over international dialing rates.”
“Microblogging helps me connect to the experts. It doesn’t limit me ... I’m able to post a question or make a comment and it doesn’t matter whether I’m an analyst or a senior executive. Everybody’s opinion counts.”
Enhancing client relations
  • Enhanced ability to staff global teams with the right skills at the right time during critical junctures in client projects.
  • Helped maintain long-standing, trusted relationships with clients: 99 percent of our top 100 clients have been with us for 5 years and 87 percent for 10 years.
  • Improved reaction time to client requests.
  • Employees on client teams comment on how Collaboration 2.0 strengthens client relations:
“Collaboration 2.0 tools helped us reduce our travel expenses by about 25 percent and improve work/life balance. The audio, video and especially application sharing make teaming much more interactive when we are all offsite.”
“It is common for us to be in IM sessions and then quickly decide to pull in two or three other people into the session, add audio/video and share someone’s screen so we can review a document together.”
“Accenture People has been a great help defining a similar system with our client.”
Collaboration 2.0 brings together our highly matrixed, ad hoc, virtual teams. I now interact with people I didn’t know before we built Collaboration 2.0.
When we piloted Accenture Groups, one of our US-based employees noted: "I had no idea we had Java developers in Tokyo" after he saw several Tokyo employees join the Java developers group. Forming groups raises awareness of our global resources and enables networking among colleagues at a faster pace, which matches our rate of growth.
Most importantly, our tools work in concert with a myriad of workflows and processes — and this ease-of-use, we believe, is the coup de grâce of our groundswelling success.