Jan 7, 2011

Blogging in the Social Media Strategy

Blogging can feel terribly old-fashioned in this age of twitter and Facebook. However I believe that blogging should be the mother-ship of any organization trying to build a social media presence that focuses on thought leadership and influencing customers and others.

There are various reasons for this:

  1. Blogs are great for Search Engine Optimisation
  2. They enable you to showcase your expertise
  3. They give an opportunity for your customers and others to communicate directly with you (which Twitter also does)
  4. You are the owner of a blog - but on Twitter and Facebook you are always on the mercy of the site's changing policies and rules.
  5. Blogs are the way to build a firm's influence (both visibility and credibility) - I feel- than any other platform
So when the folks at Digital Vidya wanted me to come and address the participants of their social media workshop on the topic of "how to blog for business" I was excited. 

This is the workshop I did for them:

Leveraging Blogging for Business in Social Media
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This was the feedback from some of the participants who were live-tweeting the workshop

Real time feedback by participants - and involvement of external interested people who are not present in the workshop.

Welcome to the future of training :-)