Jan 22, 2011

HR Blogging to be accepted for US HR certifications

This is going to be interesting and I'd be interested to see whether the decision of the HRCI to accept "fact based 700 word blog posts" for recertification credits would encourage more and more HR professionals in the US to start blogging.

This is hugely progressive of the HRCI and hopefully other industry bodies will also recognise blogging as a way to showcase expertise and give credit for it.

Here are the details from the HRCI site:

Amplify’d from www.hrci.org
The HR Certification Institute announced yesterday that it now will accept blog writing for recertification credit for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR®), Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR®), Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR®) and California Certification (PHR-CA® and SPHR-CA®).
  • Credit is awarded under the Research/Publishing category. 
  • Blog posts must be 700 words or more on a subject related to the HR knowledge base.
  • Posts must contain facts/data and not be an editorial or opinion piece.
  • Blogs must be posted on a site that is open to the public, whether it is the writer’s blog or as a guest blog post for another site, such as SHRM Connect.
  • Links to posts must be provided in the submission for recertification.
Blog posts submitted for consideration for recertification credit in the Research / Publishing category may include a writer’s opinion, which is the norm for blog writing, but must be based in fact. For example, if a state were to pass legislation that affects how an HR professional in that area must conduct business, a blog post about it could include an overview of the legislation, a “how to” update HR practices to ensure compliance, and an opinion about what the writer thinks about the new legislation. A post that only includes the author’s opinion about the legislation and does not offer facts and/or data about it is not acceptable for recertification credit.
Read more at www.hrci.org