Jan 25, 2011

Managing Careers and Talent

HR people are constantly talking about "Talent Management" figuring out who their key "talent" are placing them in the correct roles.

However, is there anything like a correct role?

What are careers? It's a function of chance, instinct, choice and developmental inputs.

The seeds are sown somewhere in school, when not knowing where one is going - one chooses subjects based on what one is pushed towards (by family, parents, comparison, peers)

However, we need people to be drawn to careers and work and tasks (yes, those are different) as JP blogs in this post and JSB and John Hagel have written in their book "Pull".

However, building on the pull factor is difficult for organizations. That's because changing careers is like uprooting a grown up tree and transplanting it into a new garden - only more difficult.

Triggering career changes are driven by instinct - and need to be supported for any mistakes they might make.

Have you changed careers? What did your organizations do to facilitate that move?