Jan 8, 2011

A story about a social media strategist and a HR Manager

At the recently held Social Media Club Delhi meeting where the folks of NM Incite ( a Nielsen and McKinsey JV) presented on their social media listening tool Buzzmetrics, I met someone interesting.

After the meeting this person approached me and said "Hey I have to thank you"

"What for" I asked, "I don't even know you"

"Well, I am a social media strategist employed by [name kept secret] firm, and while the Marketing folks were the ones who made this offer to me, the HR manager of the business has always felt that I was an unnecessary resources in a role that was not needed"

"Oh" - this is not surprising, specially when roles are created in a group and HR does not have the authority to question the change in organizational structures (more common that you think). I asked "So what happened?"

"Well I came across your blog posts on how HR can benefit from social media. I sent it to him by email, and in an hour he replied - hey this is great. I had no idea, that HR could leverage social media. It's been some days after that incident and now he treats me with more respect" the social media strategist concluded.

Stories like this make blogging worthwhile.

Has this blog helped you in any way? Why don't you send me your story, and if you want I will feature it on the blog.