Jan 12, 2011

Talent Management in Organizations

Today, I sat in a discussion about how assessments can help a company hire good people - and with higher validity than traditional interviews.

I know. Interviews are pathetic ways to assess people. Specially the way we do them currently.

A recruitment consultant looks at CVs. Forwards it to the corporate recruiter. Mostly the corporate recruiter has very little idea of the business and no idea of the critical needs of the hiring manager.

The hiring manager who really knows what is expected of a candidate is also rare.

Is it a wonder why so many people leave after recruitment in less than 2 years?

On top of that, in most industries people also look for the A level talent. Often forgetting that they are B and C level organizations. That also contributes to the talent churn.

On most industries "A" level talent is contextual - depended on the systems, processes and structures of that industry. The knowledge and context in most cases is also context specific. Moving them across industries is a case of disaster.

So taking all these people out of the talent equation one is left with a small universe of successful talent in organizations ... this then hits the ceiling of the Peter Principle.

Is it a wonder why HR is not trusted by business leaders?