Jan 13, 2011

What is Social Business vis a vis Enterprise 2.0? #sbjam

I'm excited - as the folks in IBM's Social Software Adoption team have invited me to participate in an online "Social Business Jam"

So what is social business, you might ask?

Social Business is the way organizations integrate social technologies in each aspect of their business - from marketing, customer support, innovation, internal networking, knowledge management, learning and procurement. It means embracing a new way of thinking about organizations, using a different metaphor - of it being networked in the truest sense of the word.

Enterprise 2.0 is merely (according to MHO) the use of technologies and systems to link an internal organization.

The term social business according to me - embraces the three aspects of technology, processes and people to actually change organizations in a fundamental way.
From a presentation I made 

So in the Social Business Jam I'll be focusing on these two areas:

  • Building the Social Business of the Future -- What new social innovations can we theorize?
  • Building Participatory Organizations Through Social Adoption -- How can we align our organizational model, corporate culture, leadership/ executive adoption to drive social business adoption internal and external?
Hope you'll join me online during the jam. It's on between Feb 8th and 10th.

Watch out for the twitter hashtag #sbjam

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