Feb 22, 2011

Why resumes are not going to be redundant

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Dan Schawbel writes about the reasons why he thinks that your online presence will replace the resume in 10 years. While I agree with some of his points, I don't believe that most people will be comfortable with that.

Here are my reasons:

1. Most people are not content-creators. Even when they are experts and practitioners, sharing their POV and experiences does not come naturally to them. They might curate and like content, but for an online presence to be truly representative of showcasing passion, content creation is key.

2. We decode behaviors in the online space as signs of intent. Change your linkedin particulars and people think you're looking for a job. We'll see a lot more people be aware of the signals they are sending and subvert ways to do it.

3. It depends on industry. Let's face it, some industries might move to online presence in some way, but a vast majority of employees working in most industries will not change the way they look for jobs.

4. People will choose privacy over sharing on social networks when they realise that employers are using such sites to assess their employability.

5. Having a common name with just a website/blog along with a Linkedin presence will not make you stand out, if 4 of your namesakes (googlegangers is the term!) Then you need to worry about SEO, ranking high in search engine queries et al. I don't see the John Does doing that.

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