Apr 28, 2011

15th in the top 25 Online Influencers of Recruiting

So it was another of HRExaminer's list and was surprised to see myself in the Recruiting list

While I understand myself being ranked in the Talent Management and HR Influencers lists, I didn't expect to see myself on the Recruiting list, because I hardly create any content on that topic, and I promise - will not be adding content just to maintain my ranking :-)

Quoting John's post, I agree with his take on online influence:

Influence is, more or less, held by people who have the time and resources to be influential. While they may not frame it as wanting to be on a list of who is or isn’t influential, there is a whole industry devoted to making some people look like thought leaders. That is, it’s good for business to be seen as influential.
We’re noticing that some people are sprinters and some people are long distance runners. A good celebrity ecosystem contains plenty of both. The sprinters move between paying gigs while the marathoners are after institutional levels of influence.
Staying the course in social media, which means writing, rewriting and continuously publishing is exhausting. In some ways. it’s best understood as a long job application process. Very few people have the discipline to routinely publish across media over extended periods of time.
Online influence is a tricky area , and is evolving into a different meaning than influence in the real world. See this post by Shonali on Klout and its measures