Apr 5, 2011

Joining Social Business and Enterprise 2.0 firm Qontext

Here’s a small announcement I’d like to make.

Over the last 1.5 years since I joined 2020 Social I have built up a point of view of how businesses could use Enterprise Social Media and Software to connect employees with each other to collaborate and share knowledge. Connecting the dots over the last decade, I have worked with KM and e-Learning initiatives and believe that such processes – while they are the exception – must tie in with the natural flow of work for organizations and employees to fully realize the power of enterprise collaboration.

That’s why I am pleased to announce that I have joined Qontext Inc. as a Product Evangelist. Qontext is a product focused on building a social intranet which lets employees connect and follow each other as well as a collaboration platform that integrates seamlessly with any business application that an organization runs.

Here’s an interesting interview of Qontext CEO Jay Pullur in which he shares how HR leaders in India are looking at social tools like Qontext to engage employees – and external communities like prospective talent.

Here's a presentation about Qontext

To follow more about Qontext keep up on Twitter, YouTube and slideshare. In fact if you want to experience Qontext in action maybe you should log in to a Qontext powered community for SugarCRM's annual conference - SugarCON. Even if you are not a SugarCRM user, you can log in using your facebook id.

Interested to know how Qontext can help your organization become more collaborative ? Give me a call at +91-98731-41236 or mail me at gautam.ghosh @ qontext.com

My best wishes to my colleagues at People Matters – While I will no longer associated with it on a day to day basis I will continue to advise it on how to leverage the digital and social space to become a leading knowledge platform for people and organizational issues