May 20, 2011

Implementing Social Business Software

I just got off the phone - after a conversation with some students of Singapore Management University who are working with a large hi tech firm in China - doing a project on how social media internal deployment can help the organization innovate and increase productivity.

Some of the questions they asked and my answers

1. How can businesses measure the success of a social business deployment

Each business must be clear for the reason they are leveraging social technologies in the workplace. Metrics can be adjudged and measured against the objectives. Sure, every social technology implementation will have other benefits and consequences - however the primary reason needs to be measured.

2. What role does HR play in social media within organizations?

Ideally HR has to be involved (along with Quality, IT, Communications, KM) when an initiative like this takes place. That's because it impacts people, their work, information and what they share. It is great when it is championed by the leadership - as then it makes the most impact. While there are tools where you can sign up for free and use it under the radar of traditional systems, to really make an impact these initiatives have to be embraced by the whole organization and connect with ways people are already working.

3. What makes such a deployment a success?

Community facilitation. And content for people to engage with. Both of these need to be designed and set up well to ensure employees form communities.

So what do you want to know about how to make your workplace "social"