May 30, 2011

Social Intranets catch on

Interesting findings from a recent survey:
Social media tools on the corporate intranet (intranet 2.0) became mainstream nearly two years ago.  Preliminary results from The Social Intranet Survey (open now, prepared by Prescient Digital Media and sponsored by IABC) show that about two-thirds of organizations have at least one social media tool on their intranet. Shockingly, there are some pundits that still think social media is still a fad. In fact, they couldn’t be more wrong.
But wait, the social intranet phenomena is bigger than you think: of those that have social media on their intranet, 59% claim to have a “social intranet” (preliminary data, 400 respondents, The Social Intranet Survey.

Here's an easy way to make Microsoft SharePoint social, if that's what you're looking for!