Jul 26, 2011

Linkedin's apply button and the India effect

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LinkedIn today announced a new plug-in that enables job seekers to easily submit their LinkedIn profile for job opportunities on an employer’s website. By clicking the newApply with LinkedIn button on a company’s website, consumers and companies alike will be able to find more opportunities, candidates and insights that will ultimately help them land them their dream job or dream candidate. 

“At LinkedIn, as we continue to grow India’s talent economy, our focus remains steady on connecting professionals with opportunities. Apply with LinkedIn will enable one-click access for professionals to jobs and will also empower companies with information to validate an applicant’s identity,” said Hari V. Krishnan, country manager of LinkedIn India.

“Apply with LinkedIn provides an easy way for job seekers to put their best foot forward when applying for new opportunities and demonstrates a confidence in their professional identity and brand which showcases their acquired skills, experiences and professional connections,” said Deep Nishar, SVP of products and user experience at LinkedIn. “Companies also gain access to one of the most qualified and coveted talent pools of more than 100 million LinkedIn professionals around the world.”

When job applicants click the Apply with LinkedIn button, they will have the opportunity to edit their profile before submitting or they can go directly to the one-click “Submit Application” button, which will automatically send the candidate’s public LinkedIn profile data to the employer or pre-populate the employer's online employment application. Applicants receive immediate confirmation of their submission and will be prompted with professional connections that they can contact to increase their chances of getting hired at the company. Job candidates will also be able to manage any job submissions using the Apply with LinkedIn button when they go to their LinkedIn.com “Saved Jobs” tab to allow for added efficiency and organization in their job search.

This will depend on usage by corporate career sites - typically career sites in corporate websites are not maintained well... If Linkedin has to impact the process then careers sites need to be much more dynamic

The other issue is that in places like India middle management and upper management search is still confidential - and these posts are never put on career sites

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