Nov 11, 2011

Use cases for Talent Communities

MIAMI, FL - AUGUST 23:  Ida Aka speaks with a ...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeHave had some interesting conversations with HR and Recruiting folks on how they can use BraveNewTalent's Talent Communities. There are three major use cases that have emerged.

  1. A person who's interested in a role with a company visits the careers page of a website. He/She finds no suitable current opening - and the company loses a chance to engage that person in a relationship.
  2. A company is looking for a person for an job opening and finds there are 3 people who are equally suitable for the job. It makes an offer to the best of the three and loses the ability to engage the other two  almost for ever.
  3. A company goes to an engineering college and selects Trainees who would join it after 6-7 months. Usually connecting and keeping such campus recruits engaged  is tough. There is always the scare that another employer can approach them a week later and get them to join them for a couple of thousands more.
In all these cases candidates become passive resumes stored in ATSs or other databases. Recruiters are too busy with current openings to focus on keeping a relationship alive with the above three constituents. And even if they make the effort, once a candidate moves around you lose contact.

So the solution is to connect such candidates via a talent community. They are sorted based on the group they belong and other attributes and the organization can share updates, news and specific job openings as and when they open up. The candidates connect via social network ids and therefore 

To ask how you can do so, send me an email :-) at gautam @ BraveNewTalent . com

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