Dec 19, 2011

Jobs in Social Media - what you need to know

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My latest post on Social Samosa is for young job seekers who are looking for a career in "social media"

So, you’ve recently graduated from college or you’ve been working in a company for a while. You love hanging out on social media platforms like Facebook, and have even got a Twitter account, and maybe a Google+ account too (you really are a geek, aren’t you?) And then you read this news item in the newspaper. How companies are hiring people to Facebook and Tweet for them. “Damn, that is an easy job. Even I can do that!” you think to yourself. What could be easier? And you’ll be getting paid to do it! Uh-oh. Interacting with friends and updating your status on a regular basis is not the same thing as doing it for a firm (either in-house or in a social media agency) 

Here are the things you have to understand

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