Dec 23, 2011

Leveraging Social Media for Job Hunting

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My colleague Ramon Bez at BraveNewTalent's London office recently wrote an article in The Guardian about how graduates can leverage Social Media for Job hunting. This was after a research that showed UK graduates not leveraging social media for their job hunting. I suspect the same is true of India. 

Here are some insights from the article:

Connect with people
Start following people. Twitter is an amazing tool because even the most seemingly unachievable professional can be found and followed, and there are millions of those there, from the most diverse industries. Facebook and Linkedin are a little more private, but I'm sure you'll find people in your own network from all sorts of backgrounds who just might happen to know about a vacancy that's perfect for you. 
Engage Let people in your network know who you are and what you are looking for. Produce or share content around your professional life and interests. While it may sound intimidating at first to start writing, filming or even tweeting your own ideas, step two will give you a good understanding of your field and the sort of content that is relevant. If you keep your ears open you should be able to find and write lots of useful content.
Share it on Facebook, but especially target it on professional networks such as Linkedin, Twitter and BraveNewTalent.
While our study revealed that job seekers over 55 are less likely to share their job plans (35%), only 7% of 18 to 24 year olds are prone to secrecy, which at least shows a change in mentality. Very often, where the US goes, we soon follow, so we can expect many more people in the UK to find jobs through social media websites in the near future. But those who are starting now surely can get some good competitive advantage.
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