Dec 20, 2011

UK HR professionals feel most valued

Human Resources
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I get a lot of email from HR students via this blog asking "Should I take HR as a career? My friends/siblings say that only losers go to HR"

Then when they join organizations "I am unable to contribute to this organization. Nobody listens to me. I don't get budgets"

While it is never easy to read such letters - maybe they are the minority. Maybe most HR professionals - the ones who don't write to me - presumably do feel valued at their workplace. Maybe I am coming to conclusion only by listening to the exceptions.

That thought was triggered by this news I came across about UK's HR professionals.

Almost nine in ten (86 per cent) HR professionals believe their work is key to the overall success of their employer, according to a survey of almost 2,200 office workers by recruitment specialists Robert Walters. This is considerably more than the other roles in the survey, risk professionals (69 per cent), bankers (68 per cent), lawyers (65 per cent) and accountants (66 per cent).  

I wonder what would be the percentage if such a survey was conducted in India? Any thoughts?
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