Jan 21, 2012

The Best Companies to work for - social media wise!

Fortune put out its list of 100 best companies to work for. But it also put up another list on which of the top 100 are leveraging social media and networks both externally and internally. I loved the list and thought I'd share some examples here:

Marriott : The longtime face of Marriott International, Bill Marriott, has operated a blog since 2007, and the company uses mainstream social media such as Facebook and Twitter extensively. the company ventures into new ground with its My Marriott Hotel social game. The game allows users to manage different elements of a Marriott hotel. Even with languages such as Arabic and Mandarin supported, it might come as a surprise that the city with the most players is Cairo, according to the company. Associates can post ideas for corporate changes to the "Did You Think of This" internal website, and several hundred entered a video contest submission through Marriott's jobs and careers pages on Facebook. The company also periodically has its officers hold question and answers sessions online, such as a human resources executive providing insight into the job search.

Google: Social media used: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google , Google+, Google Groups, Magnet (internal tool), internal and external blog
Google also uses social media heavily in its recruiting operation. In addition to a Google students page, the company posts live streams of Google+ Hangouts on Google provide applicants with feedback on the hiring process, such as what code languages to know at interviews.

SAS Institute: SAS offers substantial training in social media for its employees: its new education program, "Social Studies," provides workshops and training modules, while an optional responsible-use course had several thousand participants last year.

Intuit: Internally, Intuit has a news portal, SNAP, within its proprietary intranet. Employees can share news stories, discuss them, and even send pieces to friends and family. Internal blogs and Yammer also keep Intuit workers connected, through Yammer groups such as one for members of a "high potential" leadership program to connect outside their hands-on training.