Jan 26, 2012

The Future of the Resume

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I tweeted this WSJ article "No More Résumés, Say Some Firms" and got some interesting responses from folks. Yes for some jobs your "web presence" is becoming more and more important. And others require you to do online quizzes and solve problems before you can apply (therefore weeding out people who don't meet some requirement for the job)

One recruitment consultant replied that two of her clients ask her to send candidates' social network URLs to them. And one of them, a startup IT firm, insists that all the candidates should have tech blogs. (this is in India!)

However, the death of the resume is greatly exaggerated.For one, such roles and organizations are miniscule. The processes and systems of traditional organizations with its armies of sourcers and recruiters and technology like Applicant Tracking Systems understands the resume better. And while you might be fortunate to get interviewed by a company that can make a decision about your expertise using your social web presence -that will continue to be in the edge as that method is not scalable yet for large to medium organizations where the number of applicants per job vacancy go from 10 to 25.
 However, for key skills in certain roles focusing on social web presence is critical as external people often trust a regular employee over a financial or technical analyst and the CEO according to the Edelman Trust Barometer for 2012. So we will continue to see services like re.vu (you can find mine here) who aim to turn your resume into a visual story too. Looks kinda pretty, doesn't it? Then there's About.me (mine) and Flavors.me (mine) who all try to get to unify your social web presence.

Not to forget the 800 pound gorillas fighting to own your digital identity - Google (my Google profile is now Google+) and Facebook and Twitter (which adds a rel="me" tag to the URL you add to your website there)

So the moral of the story, keep your resume polished and keep the same information in the big profile pages too. And start writing a blog (specially if you're in technology!)
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