Jan 17, 2012

HR should act as an enabler for Social Business

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Image by Cristiano Betta via Flickr
On the social business news blog Michael Brito posted about the SHRM survey that finds that HR would play an increasingly important role in Social Business.

However the crux of that involvement focuses on "creating and enforcing a social media policy"

To me that sounds like policing - not acting as the enabler and empowering the energy of the employees to be the organizations' advocates on social media.

To do that the focus has to be on building an empowering and trusting culture within the organization and then following that with education and training on the dos and donts of social media. Governance, while it is critical,  cannot be purely on the basis of publishing a policy.

A company cannot be asocial inside and social outside.

HR has to evolve to catch up with the rest of the organization to embrace social.
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