Feb 20, 2012

Talent Recruiting Through Twitter

So I was interviewed by Mid-Day's journalist Yoshita on how I was hired by Gaurav Mishra into 2020 Social. Also was quoted on the growing trend of social media profiles acting as proxy resumes.

You can read the article here:

According to Ghosh, the HR/jobs market follows the path of the marketing market. Marketing has moved from a transaction mode to building relations and it is a similar case with the HR/jobs market. "Companies are realising the declining value of job portals. All a person on such sites needs to do is to tick a profile and send it to thousands of companies. Some of the CVs, which do turn out to be suitable, are kept in the database of the company but when firms try to get in touch with the applicants, their contact details are no longer current," Ghosh explains. Social media, he says, is much more alive, updated and immediate.

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