Mar 22, 2012

Quoted On Social Media and Talent Communities in Business Today

Thanks to the SHRM India HR Influencers list have been getting featured a little bit. First there was the Business Standard coverage and then in HT Shine.

However the biggest coverage was in India's leading business magazine, Business Today, who covered the list and called me a "poster boy of HR" which made me feel a little weird ;-)

Gautam Ghosh, third on the list, is the poster boy of the HR space. He is a social media expert who represents BraveNewTalent in India, which helps organisations create talent communities. In 2009, Ghosh himself found a job opening, thanks to Twitter. "I saw a tweet that 2020 Social was looking for people. I replied and the next thing I knew I was being interviewed for the job." "Those handling social media need training and must not be forced into such engagements," says BraveNewTalent's Ghosh. Ultimately, a company's culture becomes its brand on social media. "The first step is to cultivate a transparent culture internally," he adds.

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