May 13, 2012

Interviewed by @Forbes' @shelisrael for a profile as a #SocialMedia Thought Leader

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I know Shel from the time he started his blog to crowdsource his book on business blogging that he wrote with Robert Scoble - called Naked Conversations. I had left a few comments on his blog and was kicked to find out that my blog url was listed in the acknowledgements section.

Last year, I finally had a chance to meet Shel after knowing him online for 7 years, when he was invited by NASSCOM for the Product Conclave at Bangalore. I was a panelist in one of the sessions and finally met what is called IRL ("in real life")

Shel writes a column on Forbes called the "Social Beat" covering all the news in the social technology world, and in doing so he started a series called the Social Media Thought Leaders, where he covered practitioners like Scott Monty of Ford, Ekaterina Walter of Intel and Frank Eliason of Citi. So when he emailed me saying he would like to feature me in this column I was very surprised. But Shel was persistent and the result was this article he posted on 11th May. I'd like to highlight this bit:
Looking at the next three-to-five years, Ghosh sees the new professional classification of social recruiting, emerging in the enterprise by following the same migrations that marketing and communications professionals are following today. That means they will “move away from transactions to engage and build relationships and trust and engage with external talent to showcase the culture of the organization."

Ghosh believes that in the next 3-5 years, forward-thinking organizations will start becoming more open in engaging talent communities and giving to the community before they think of getting returns.
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