Jun 18, 2012

Some changes and some things constant

Apologies for the lack of content for some time on this blog. I have been caught up with various things. I'm however been curating a lot of stuff over at BraveNewTalent. If you are looking for your fix of HR, Management and Social Media content you should follow me there.

After 10 months in Bangalore, I have decided to move back to Delhi, because of family reasons.

I will continue to work with BraveNewTalent as a platform evangelist but since most of the clients are in Bangalore, I would move to a retainer role with BraveNewTalent and therefore would also look at working with other firms.

Some of the things that are in pipeline are :

1. Assisting an IT product company in helping them leverage social media in HR
2. Working with a group of HR leaders to deliver education to HR professionals in the area of social media.
3. Internal collaboration project at a large diverse conglomerate.
4. Helping HR tech firms market themselves to HR buyers and influencers.
5. Keynote speaking at an IT firm's internal event.

So if you know of companies who would be interested in engaging me as a retainer and consultant, do tell them to reach out to me at gautam dot ghosh at gmail dot com