Aug 28, 2012

IBM acquires Kenexa to integrate HR into Social #socbiz #socialHR

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Another huge development in the HR Technology space. Constellation Research Group analyst Alan Lepofsky reports that IBM is acquiring RPO and Hiring solution product maker Kenexa. This is a huge deal in taking "social HR" further!

As Alan writes:

It will be interesting to see how IBM combines (or at least integrates) Kenexa into the IBM Connections portfolio. By augmenting some of the core HR processes with social functions such as commenting, liking and tagging (in theory) employees should be able to discover the colleagues and content that can help them get their work done more effectively. They key here is that IBM will be focusing on use cases that help find the right people with the right skills at the right time, and then inserting them into a process to positively affect the outcome. I hope this goes beyond just creating static events in the activity stream, and instead IBM delivers integrated experiences where HR information can be directly embedded into places like Connections profiles and communities, and vice versa. On the Connections side, the development team has been working for more than two years on technologies such as OpenSocial to help with integration. Does/will Kenexa support OpenSocial or will integration be done at the API level? I expect the integration will be difficult, both from a technology standpoint and the internal IBM resources (people) needed to make it happen. Perhaps there are some good opportunities here for Business Partners to help create tools and fill in the gaps. 
Unlike Salesforce acquisition of Rypple and SAP acquisition of Successfactors, both IBM and Kenexa also have a substantial services offering. I see a huge opportunity for IBM's BPO business (IBM Daksh in India) leveraging Kenexa's RPO business.

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