Sep 12, 2012

Looking for Social Business and HR help? Call me :)

So it's been a few months since I have started freelancing. I thought, I should again remind you what I am in the market for :)

  1. If you're a large organization wondering how to train your HR team in leveraging social media for employment, engagement, recognition and learning, then call me :)
  2. If you're an innovative HR technology firm leveraging social, mobile and cloud and want to reach HR decision makers, then let me know :)
  3. If as a buyer you want help in deciding which HR technology to choose and which would would relevant for your organization's needs, then call me :)
To remind you, I have worked as an internal employee in HR as well as an external consultant in the social business space both in the services as well as product space, and hence can look at all sides of the equation :)

So what are you waiting for? Call me at +91-98731-41236 or email me at :)