Sep 15, 2012

Social networking and job hunting

So I get featured in today's Times of India Crest Edition talking about how businesses are using social media to hire and find great people.
You can see the full article here

An excerpt:

opinion is echoed by Gautam Ghosh, a social media evangelist whose blog (www. gautamblogs. com) was ranked among the top 25 HR blogs globally by HRWorld. "The people that you are likely to follow on Twitter are usually your industry peers;some seniors and some juniors. Over a period of time, you are bound to use this community - where almost everyone is net-savvy, smart and well-connected - to seek a job or a 'hard working' employee because you know your message will reach the people who are interested in your industry and your work, " he says.

Ghosh also speaks of a trend where job openings are now automatically posted onto social networks. "As soon as a firm posts a job vacancy on its website, the entry is now automatically pushed to Twitter and Facebook through specialized apps. In India, for instance, companies have begun to use My Parichay - an app that manages their recruitment efforts on social media. "