Oct 3, 2012

Linkedin launches a "blogging platform". Unimpressive

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Today Linkedin announced that you could "follow" 'thought leaders' in generic areas like Richard Branson or in specific areas like Charlene Li.

By doing so Linkedin is following the lead of Twitter which allows people to "follow" a person and later Facebook which allowed people to "subscribe" to a person.

A two way connection between is smaller but is stronger. Linkedin had earlier thrived on a smaller more tightly knit network. If I had to connect to Richard Branson, I had to have his explicit permission that he knew me.

The purpose of Linkedin is also getting diluted in this race with Facebook and Twitter. While Twitter is the place most people go to follow celebs and others, Facebook is the place they go to converse with people they know.

Where does Linkedin feature in this? Facebook's notes features have not been a success as they don't get indexed in the open web. Am not sure if Linkedin's will. Even if they do, it begs the question why a thought leader would share content on Linkedin and not their own blog.

Personally I think this is not a strategically significant move for Linkedin.

What do you think?

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