Dec 6, 2012

Personal, Social and Business relationships

The final computer-generated Yoda as seen in t...
The final computer-generated Yoda as seen in the film. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Some weeks ago @jobsworth aka JP Rangaswami had a series of blog posts saying the plural of personal is social. Go ahead you must read it. JP's a thought leader in the thinking of social and business. In fact I recently called him the "Yoda of #socbiz"

What reminded me of JP's blog posts yesterday was an incident that happened between Cleartrip and its PR agency Buzz PR. They then blogged about why they did that.

First the accolades poured in. Here was a company that really did care for its influencer's and customers' privacy and did not back away from tough decisions.

Then the PR community started to question. Was this really professional on Cleartrip's part?

Someone replied on the lines of: Well, when we as customer's get treated badly by brands due to shoddy service, don't we tweet/blog about it. That's exactly what Cleartrip is doing.

Karthik who has worked in PR wrote a blog post pointing out why Cleartrip's "name and shame" approach was wrong. And then Hrush of Cleartrip replied to that blogpost and admitted that it was wrong to name the agency.

Cleartrip lost some fans yesterday, but they gained many more due to their transparency. However, Buzz PR lost a lot more. And for a PR agency whose core strength is handling reputation and crises for their clients, they did not make any statement to clarify their part of the story.

Yes, business is getting personal again. And social. And mistakes would happen. And the social side will look back (as JP the Yoda says :)). 
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